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311 Interview

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Yesterday 311 did a live interview on  The full video is now up at ustream.

It was an hour long, and there were many funny parts.  Most of the questions sent in by fans were not very exciting, like “Why are you excited about the new album?”  But there were a few interesting questions.  Here were my favorites:

  • miT, what books are you reading?
  • What type of casserole would you be?
  • Do you listen to metal?

311 Day 2009

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

Happy 311 day!

311 is going to  doing a live video webcast tonight.  From

Tune in tonight, March 11, at 6PM PST / 8PM CST / 9PM EST as 311 host an online video chat live from their studio. Hear all the latest from the band as they take questions from you! All you have to do is go to: at the designated time. The chat is hosted by Stryker (KROQ DJ / Loveline co-host). Be sure to tune in!

The band is also selling some special merchandise in the store, such as a beach towel and a frisbee.  By purchasing any item from the store today, you are automatically entered into a drawing.  The grand prize is floor tickets to next year’s 311 day show!

10 reasons why I love TaiyedBrodels

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Yeah. I decided to try and see if I can write something half-understandable in english, so this is it. It’s worth a try to talk about this place, since I spend so much time here.

Jordan’s been talking lately about how we don’t have many new members at the forums, and it’s just not right. Personally, I think this is such a great place to be, and that we should have more people registering, so I’m writing ten reasons why I still hang out at TB (maybe we could rename this to “10 reasons why I haven’t left TB”… it’s the same).

Why I love TB

It’s not really that special, we just seem to like it.


Fatlip’s dick pictures: the fact that I can’t find any of them, makes me feel alright.


Everyone’s inner crybaby: You will be hated 24/7 by most of the TB members, but you leave the forums for like a week, and everyone’s crying for you to come back; that is, unless you’re Sayzak, but that’s another story.


Alt. accounts: if you don’t know what’s going on, you’re actually well informed.


It’s decadent: It’s like 4chan, without the mudkip jokes.


The endless quest for n00dz: IGW is like the Willy Coyote of TB, and everyone seem to enjoy it.


Luke: yes, you read right. Without him, TB would taste like… chicken.


The taste in music: it’s fucking superior. No, really.


Drunk posts: we all know they’re fake, but we still “fall” for them.


It’s one of the sites on the internet: ’cause we’re too lazy to come up with another motto.


It’s 311 related: yeah, we… uhh.. like 311.