Nick Hexum’s Solo Album??

Who would’ve known, that under all the liberal gushing, all the forced dance moves and the hair gel would come a solo album from our beloved Nick Hexum.

Apprently, Mike Cosgrove of Alien Ant Farm will be drumming on this album, and he seemingly spilled the beans to all of us on his MySpace blog.


The blog:

Friday, June 02, 2006 311 <3 AAFso i just finished playing drums on 6 songs for nick hexum’s upcoming solo release.. chad sexton is mixing the rivalry record i produced earlier this year, due out this summer.. gotta say it was a lotta fun and is a total honor to work w heroes!! i have been a 311 fan for a LONG time now.. and so have heaps of other peeps!

workin w nick was dope cuz, we got to take some old jazz standards (i remember you/chet baker, Sweet Lorraine/nat king cole) and some other 80’s tunes too, and gave them a bit of a reggae feel.. hex style.. it was a lot make em fresh and new , but still keeping the age old classics alive.. it’s good for them youths!

now chad sexton has been and will be one of my personal heroes from when i first heard him til forever! he was one of the people that made me go huh?? , he played that snare shit like a marching drummer, but it grooved!!!?!??!’ wtf!! i was a ghetto kid, in the gutter , feelin like damn, i shoulda never dropped out of high school!! i shoulda been in the gay band, instead my gay garage bands w dryden!! he’s very disciplined, extremely well versed in music and audio. much more than the average stoner you may be accustomed to.. such as myself! he is one of the cleanest and precise players i’ve witnessed up close, night in night out.. class act.

so enough of my gushing.. the reason i’m mentioning him is because i’m excited and honored to be working w him on this rivalry record. i’m very proud of the music the band and i completed. i think chad is gonna give it big balls w some dirt underneath!! no release date yet…

new ant farm record ‘up in the attic’ is on itunes! wee!!

The release date, the name of the album, and the tracklist of the album are all up to speculation. Draw your own conclusions.

(Thanks to EvenField2Be0n for the link)


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