False Alarm Folks

I was wrong. Never take into account what someone from Alien Ant Farm says.

Offical statement from Nickoli:

First of all, Chad, P-Nut, Tim, and SA are all working with other musicians on recreational side projects. I believe Chad is only mixing other bands but everyone else is playing with other musicians for fun. If they want to discuss it, that’s their business. We ALL also have businesses that we do on the side. Again, if they want to discuss their business endeavors, they can do it themselves.Everyone is feeling great about the band right now and we’ve just been enjoying some time off.

311 will continue to be our #1 priority.

When I start to lose my inspiration I get it going again by figuring out and covering great songs just for fun. I have quite a few of these. Many are Hexum Brother songs that we did on our Kerry supporting tour and then we recorded five or six just to have them for posterity. (Clash, Beatles, Smiths…) On my own, I’ve covered jazz standards made famous by Nat King Cole, Chet Baker, and others. It’s like I’m continuing my education. The chord progressions in those songs are so advanced. It’s like an author reading Shakespeare to get new ideas.

I had Mike from AAF come in and lay some reggae beats for a few songs. No “solo release” is planned. He and I didn’t really discuss why we were doing it except, “that’ll be fun.” We are also both very passionate about environmental issues.

I am interested in raising money and awareness for global warming. I would be interested in using some of these COVERS for a fund raiser album.

Music is my hobby and if I’m not working on 311 most of the things I like to do for fun are musical. I produced and played on forthcoming albums from Pepper and The Matches. I like to make mix cds and do covers my old favorites.

My original material will continue to be released exclusively through collaboration with my brothers in 311.

I envision 311 continuing to record and tour for a very long time.



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