311 Box Set Rumored

SA Martinzed did an interview for www.omaha.com that was posted last week. At the end of the article is an interesting line that states:

That band’s next priority is the cruise and a box set release.

As to when this release will be available is uncertain, as are any details on what will be included in the set.

Visit www.omaha.com to read the article.


In a recent Q&A with Premier Guitar, Tim Mahoney had this to say when asked about the upcoming box set.

We’ve gone through the past 25 years to find B-sides, demos, unreleased songs, rare live cuts to clear out everything to assess if anything is cool. Should be a lot of goodies…

Still no official announcement from the band as to when we can expect the box set and what all will be included. Stay tuned.

You can read Tim’s Q&A session on Premier Guitar’s Facebook page here.

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