311’s New Album Stereolithic Out 311 Day

It’s that time again. 311’s 11th album is just under two months away. Titled Stereolithic, it promises to be more creative/outside the box than 311 fans are used to hearing. Two of the tracks have been talked about by the band  recently. The first is “Friday Afternoon”, described by Nick as a classical headbanger and by Tim as a turning point for the record. He comments on its use of Iron Maiden’esque dual guitars. The other song is “Make It Rough”, a reggae track.

The upcoming album is being produced by Scotch Ralston, who has also produced arguably 311’s greatest albums,  Transistor and Soundsystem. Time will tell if Stereolithic can live up to those high standards.

You can pre-order the album at PledgeMusic’s website. Various packages are available.

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